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Avalanche Safety Training

AST courses

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Elevation Guides is a certified Avalanche Canada AST provider. We offer custom and private AST 1, AST 2, AST 1 & 2 Plus, Companion Rescue courses and more. On peut également les offrir en français!

Do you go backcountry skiing, climbing, or snowshoeing? If so, then the AST 1 course is 100% essential!

Why hire Elevation Guides for your AST course?

  1. We offer custom and private small group courses usually for less than the large providers. Choose your own dates, partners, group size, and location. The big companies may have a ratio of up to 32:1 in the classroom, and 8:1 in the field.

  2. You won’t need to mix travel types. Other companies combine skiers, splitboarders, and even snowshoers into the same field groups. This often makes for frustrating and ineffective learning.

  3. We use only certified ACMG Guides. Other companies may use instructors with less experience, lower terrain decision making capabilities, and more restricted terrain guidelines.

Field days

We strive for diversity of terrain, varied snowpacks, different elevation bands, and encourage student decision making under the watchful eye of our ACMG certified instructors.

Skill level & experience

Our trips are private and custom, so all abilities are welcome. However we recommend previous backcountry touring experience so we can focus on the avalanche learning. You should be fit enough for moderate days of touring.  


Students supply their personal and touring gear.  List will be supplied.


Contact us for custom pricing. Pricing can reduce per student when enrollment increases.  Includes Avalanche Canada course materials, handouts, and completion certificate.